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, to fundamentally transform america. our economy, our healthcare system. our partisan political ways. it has been a year since barack obama took the oath of office. sometimes his decisions as president have contradicted his promises as candidate. he even appears to be continuing some policies he once called mistakes. in many area, however, he has made more than good on his promise to change. fundamentally change our country. for some, obama is exactly the president he said he would be. for others, he is not. for voters, it often depends on what they thought they heard. tonight, a unique hour, the story of barack obama's campaign and first year in office in a way it hasn't been told before. in his own words. we begin with one of the biggest promises candidate obama made. to repair america's image around the world. so has president obama restored the united states prestige for damaged it with apologies? listen. >> i will restore our moral standing so that america is, once again, that last best hope for all who are called to the cause of freedom. >> president obama embarks on his first european swin
determination. let us move on with the powerful days, days of challenge what america ought to be. we have an opportunity to make america a better nation. who doesn't believe that. come on, it's going to be a great hour. is. [ applause ] >> glenn: hello america. i have to tell you, i have a really bad cold and i'm losing my voice. that is why charles payne is with me. he was with me on the last time to be heard special that we did. i'm asking charles if my voice starts -- because i'm so emotional, if my voice starts to go that charles will step in for me a little bit. i couldn't say that i was going to cancel the show today because if you remember right, the last time we did this, i had to cancel because i went in the hospital with appendicitis. today i'm losing my voice. i think i guys are trying to kill me. [ laughter ] we do have charles payne with us fox network business contributor. and first guest, lisa a take show guest. ruth gilbert and eaton white, a commentator for hip-hop republican. and, of course, the audience, you guys are never shy. i want to start with the news of the day.
care in america is one of the greatest threats to future of our economy. not just as a nation but as businesses and families. if we ignore this and walk away from it for whatever reason, we are going to face a crisis much much worse in the near future. the president understands that. we would not even be in this position of taking this seriously if he hadn't shown the courage to lead us into this debate. >> schieffer: let me ask you about ben bernanke. do you have the votes to get him confirmed, senator? i know you're one of the vote counters. >> well, i'm going to vote for chairman bernanke. i have some misgivings about fed policy and economic policy. but i really do have to say this man guided us through the worst economic crisis this nation has seen since the great depression. we are in much better shape today because of his guidance and leadership. i still have unanswered questions and many colleagues do. we will need republican support to make certain that we pass the clothe you're vote which is a 60-vote requirement when it's taken up this next week. i think that we're g
. on the one hand, he's the president. directing america's formidable might to ease the plight of millions in haiti. on the other, he's the de facto head of the democratic party. a party that just suffered a major electoral loss. there's lots of analysis what went wrong for the democrats, whether the country is in ideological terms to the left or sxrit what else this means for obama's presidency. is he a lame duck? let's start with some historical perspective. obama's approval ratings one year into his tenure are roughly the same as ronald reagan, bill clinton, jimmy carter's. the two bushes had higher ratings. 41 because of the collapse of the soviet union. and 43, because of 9/11. and the rallying effect that had on the presidency. so obama's situation is not dramatically worse than many of his predecessors which means it can be corrected. but what should he do? i would put it very simply. obama needs to start acting like a president and particularly the president he campaigned to become. for the last six months, barack obama has seemed to be not a president but a prime minister. he's no
, directing america's formidable right to help the ease in haiti. he is the head of the democratic party, the party that just suffered a major electoral loss. a lot of analysis of what went wrong for the democrats of whether the country is in ideological terms to the left or to the right and what all this means for obama's presidency. is he a lame duck? let's start with some historical perspective. obama's presidential ratings one year into his tenure are roughly the same as ronald reagan and bill clinton and jimmy carter's. the two bushes had higher ratings 41 because of the collapse of the soviet union and number 43 because of the rallying effect on the presidency. it is not much worse than his predecessors so it can be corrected. what should he do? obama needs to start acting like a president and, particularly, the president he campaigned to become. for the last six months, barack obama has seemed to be not a president, but a prime minister. he has not outlined a broad vision for the country and put forward grand plans to solve the nation's problems. instead, his white house has been
-span's "america and the courts." n/a 524 decision, the supreme court struck down limits on contributing to political campaigns from corporations. anthony kennedy delivered the opinion. in it, he broke the government may not suppress political speech. a sufficient interest justifies political speech by nonprofit or for-profit opinions. shortly after the court announced its decision, floyd abrams, the attorney who argued on behalf of mitch mcconnell and citizens united president david bossie sport with reporters. >> i represented mitch mcconnell in the case and was one of the lawyers who argued it in the supreme court. this is an extraordinarily triumphant day. the court has ruled that corporations, unions, and all the rest of us may participate freely and openly and spend money on the electoral and political matters. this decision is a long time coming, and as the opinion of justice kennedy makes clear, it involves the reversal of two prior opinions, one involving senator mcconnell, one two years before. the core of it all is that the right to participate in, participate about and be hea
.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidce. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing. >> the roberts court has turned back the clock on our democracy by over a century. this disastrous decision paves the way for free and unlimited special interest spending in our elections. >> that is senator chuck schumer reacting to this week's supreme court ruling on campaign finance. the roberts scored voted that restricting corporate spending on campaigns are violated the first amendment. is stuck in a 2002 law that prohibited corporations and unions from paying for campaign ads in the days leading up to an election. nina, in this election year, more money, more ads. breakdown of the decision. >> cents 1907 there has been an understanding in the law that
if the market goes down with a steady stream of income. let america's number one annuity provider help you stay on course with guarantees for the if in life. get answers about annuities at a lecture on physics in california watched in milwaukee. an american soldier overseas ...keeps up with his classes back home. a father helps his daughter find the name of saturn's largest moon. education's about opportunity and broadband's become the great equalizer. learning, at the speed of light. made possible by continuing private investment and innovation, making the internet faster, smarter and safer. broadband is working for america. >>> issue two. after-shocks in haiti. haiti suffered its worst earthquake in 200 years last week. a severe 7.3 richter scale shock. and this week, more after- shocks hit the hield. they measured 6.1, 4.9 and 4.8 open the richter. defense secretary robert gates stepped up the u.s. military effort. at least one clearing ship with crane was moved into to get haiti's port functioning. president obama appointed two former presidents bush and clinton to overs
bill. done behind closed doors. misrepresenting the healthcare of america. as a physician for 40 years of course i was interested in that that. when we saw the debt pimed on our children and grandchildren, i felt like it was time to more to say enough is enough. and the republicans, every time i looked around for help for missile defense or manned space flight, there was a republican there. well, maybe i need to be with people helping me and my constituents. that's what made me switch. >> i'm sure it wasn't the most popular decisions you made with the democratic leaders. we'll talk about that when we come back. i'm anxious to find out what did nancy pelosi say to you when she heard the news? that is what we'll check out. coming up more with congressman griffith. later songwriter mastermind neil sedaka. he has done it again. you find out later. ♪ love hurts ♪ love scars ♪ love wounds [ male announcer ] before you ever love it, the nissan altima goes through over 5,000 tests. no wonder it's ranked highest in initial quality by j.d. power and associates. it's quality you can love. l
with me >>> good morning, america. >> good morning, it's sunday, january 24th. you might say that president obama is getting the old gang back together. really a rough week this week. the president calling on the man who helped get him elected in the first place to help them fight off republican challenges in the midterm election. this, after a candidate came pretty much out of nowhere and won former senator ted kennedy's seat. and throw the health care reform in to turmoil. >>> policy in afghanistan. we've heard a lot about it. here's what it looks like on the ground inside a fire fight. we'll spend a day with the 212 infantry. this is not even the most difficult mission they have every day. >> in the middle of a firefight. before the massive earthquake in haiti, there were thousands of orphans there. now there are more. now, what u can do if you're thinking, i want to adopt a child. >> first, ron claiborne starts us off with the news. >> good morning. >>> we begin with the new tape from osama bin lade al jazeera aired a new audio tape in which they say is osama bin laden. h
and the obama agenda, with us e.j. dionne, bbc world news america katty kay, peggy noonan and nbc news white house correspondent chuck todd. in our "meet the press" minute, january 1976, another time of economic turmoil presidential candidate senator lloyd benson offers practical advice to then president gerald ford on his upcoming state of the union address. >> we should be creating opportunity, what the people are looking for in this country is return of self confidence. >>> first, senior white house adviser jalry jarrett. welcome back to the program, to "meet the press." >> thank you. it's a pleasure to be here. >> there is news that i wanted to ask you about. osama bin dad laden has cut another video, is that his voice and is it striking that he appears back in charge of calling the the shots on running operations for al qaeda? >> we have no independent confirmation that that is his voice but let's look at it. the fact of the matter is he is a murderer, has attacked americans and he has killed more muslims than any other group in the region. the president is committed to going after al q
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but it's not going anywhere. >> create more jobs. >> create more jobs. >> most of america who was hurt by this has not recovered. >> got like 1,000 people applying for one job. and $10 an hour. how can you really even live on $10 an hour. >> a lot of companies i've applied to are hiring now where they weren't last year. >> everybody needs to work because without work you got crime and everything gets worse. >> america wants a good story. the good story is we had this terrible thing happen to us and we bounced back. the reality is it will take us longer to bounce back than a year. >> no, we're not out of the woods. >> we're in deep crap. >> hopefully the worst days are behind us. >> reporter: that's a lot of people with a lot of views. everyone counts. i'm joe carter and i'll see you on the street. >> views from the street just one more way for you to voice your opinion on hln and you can catch it here every day. >>> america's children are dealing with some pretty adult problems and they may begin at the dinner table. we'll bring you some eye opening news about a grown up health risk yo
of the largest warships in the world. it is from this deck that america launched the first air strikes after 9/11. the battle now is a humanitarian one. already badly injured in the earthquake, this man has suffered a seizure. he is rushed away to the ship's hospital. since friday, the pilots of flown over 600 missions, getting the seriously injured out of haiti and taking in food, water, and medicine. it has not been easy. >> at first, we struggled with getting the quantity of food and water in. we also struggled with getting clear landing zones. there were a lot of people coming right to the helicopters. we got more security forces just to keep people back for their own safety. it also mixes easier -- it also makes it easier for us to land in those zones. >> this man receives urgent medical attention. this woman is one of two entities. the doctors could not save her foot. nearby, a young mother cradles her son born on a warship three days after his country lost everything. with a massive buildup of hardware and troops, 80 increasingly feels like a third front for the u.s. military -- haiti i
. >> reporter: peace -- america will never live in peace. >> translator: the attacks will continue. >> reporter: he also threatens president obama with more attacks on the u.s. if america continues to support israel. the obama administration administration is firing back. >> this something that has to pop up in our lives over an audiotape because he's nothing but a cowardly, murderous thug and terrorist. >> reporter: the audiotape has yet to be authenticated but terrorism experts say it's similar to previous recordings by osama bin laden and that it does suggest another attack could occur within the next 12 months. >> we'll continue to be on the offense against osama bin laden and al qaeda. >> reporter: in the minute-long tape, osama bin laden praises the would-be bomber on christmas day. but terrorism experts say there's no evidence whatsoever to suggest that he had anything to do with abdul mutallab. >> osama bin laden is still a motivating force for jihadists. we have to stay after him. >> reporter: bin laden is still believed to be operating somewhere between between pakistan and afghanista
showed a 20-dollar bill, and the man said to her, but met them you can that leave america with $20. she said sir, do not worry, i have family here. the next day golda was speaking in chicago to the representative of the jewish federations of the united states, and her talk was one of the most moving talks that you can ever hear. she said to these people from america, is your right to live here in comfort. .. to asking for money to night. we need to buy machine guns, bullets, we need to send the millions of dollars that will mean survival and she was so touching those people were not at the beginning very inclined to have the jews of palestine. there were more interested in helping the jews of america. were so touched people started to get up from the room and come to the podium with a check with money with pledges they would pay so many hundreds of the lessons of dollars immediately and that might a telegram left chicago for prague skilling i have borrowed $3 million since you can borrow and then the next day she went to houston and the day after to san francisco to los angeles to
on terror, i'm eric sean, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, great to have you here and they voice on the tape also vows there will be more attacks of -- against the u.s. caroline shivley is following these latest developments from washington, caroline, first, the tape says that al qaeda is behind the christmas-day bombing attempt. can you tell us more? >> reporter: sure, it's an interesting claim by bin laden, al qaeda and the arabian peninsula, a franchise of al qaeda are based in yemen and claimed responsibility two days after the attack and the bomber suspect himself allegedly told police that he was trained in yemen and told to get on the plane and this message makes it seem like bin laden is trying to show that he is in charge of al qaeda worldwide. and the different branches are now operating on their own while he is holed up in a cave along the afghan-pakistan border and here's the reason he gives for the attacks. >> translator: it is unfair that you enjoy a safe life while our brothers in gaza suffer greatly. therefore, with god's will, our attacks
they assemble to put their case before the world. new people of the world, you people in america and england and france and italy, look at this city and see that you may not abandon the city, that you cannot abandon the city >> instead berlin airlift is launched by a combined allied task force. >> their force assigned more than 300 airplanes and more than 20,000 men to the airlift and britain made a large congregation of both air. ♪ it was an observation without precedent and as a test of precision, of logistics and weather service. >> with 40 to 50 airplanes going simultaneously men's lives -- until the late stages they were flown in five different levels. this called for extremely precise air traffic control. >> some of us had bombed berlin and now we were keeping the same city alive. it meant we had to get more from each airplane and each man than ever before. >> the biggest was the call for utilities. it was packed in the g.i. pumpernickel. we collect bread. and milk for the kids. then medicine. every ounce of cargo was checked >> a new agreement signed in new york between them u.s.s.r
>>> america's economy on the brink. banks failing on wall street. the housing market collapses, weighed down by risky mortgages. the stock market plummets. credit lines run dry. americans lose confidence, and lose jobs. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> president barack obama takes the oath of office and promises to jump-start the economy in the form of a massive stimulus bill. >> these are extraordinary times and it calls for swift and extraordinary action. >>> and swift and extraordinary action he delivered with the stroke of a pen on february 17, 2009, president obama signed into law the biggest stimulus package in the history of the country. welcome to our special edition of "your $$$$$." i'm ali velshi. christine romans is on assignment this week. did the stimulus accomplish what the president hoped it would? in the next hour we'll follow the money looking at who it's going to, what it's being used for, and whether it's enough to get the economy back on track for good. joining me here in the studio and via satellite, an esteemed panel of experts. we'll get to them
in mexico and throughout latin america, the kind of weakening of the states and also civil society that is too fearful to speak up. >> and also the fact we spend $20 billion on the war on drugs. but what are the results? okay, in the drug traffickers revenues are about $40 billion. so who's winning this? >> before we open up for questions, can you just -- if he were to give any advice to the audience in terms of when they read these daily news accounts in the "dallas morning news" and "new york times," the houston chronicle, and we try to understand from a distance was going on and juarez and other cities in mexico. what would you say are some of the discourses to watch for, and it's even the press is kind of putting out there that my kind of mislead us in terms of understanding what's really happening on the ground facts >> i guess this idea to people involved in the drug world deserve to die and that doesn't really matter because they're criminals. mexico is a great country, a wonderful country. it's our ally, it's our neighbor. and when we see these numbers, 20 people massacred,
roz roosevelt massive govement program. i think the people of america want us to work together to step by step work to fix the problems in the world. >> the voters in massachusetts did reject the democratic approach. they have not embraced what the republicans are talking about. theyan't really figure it out much. one liberal wag said obama campaigned on hope. scott brown campaigned on nope. a lot of people see the republican party as the party of "no" right now. >> on health care reform, if you look at the record, we have been pushing health care reform for years. the rejection of the democrat agenda in massachusetts was not necessarily acceptance of republicans. we have to re-earn the trust of the american people. it's incumbent on us to show the american people how we can improve health care and focus on the priority of jobs. the president's stimulus has been a massive failure. when the democrats came into power three years ago, unemployment was half what it is today. we've seen in the past from john kennedy to the present that broad-based tax cuts for small wizs as wel as individua
america? we'll debate that hot one later. plus, when it comes to presidential candidates the republicans have always been a wait your turn party. is it time for the old guard to step aside so that gop can feed the hot hands like sarah palin or scott brown for president? and what did arlen specter say to michelle bachmann that has her predicting his career is over? we start with the political tone with chuck todd and ron brownstein, the political director for atlantic media. gentlemen, i want you to watch. here's what the president had to say today. let's take a look at more of president obama today. it's an amazing turn of tone here, change of tone. >> i understand that why after the massachusetts election people in washington were all in a tizzy, trying to figure out what this means for health reform, republicans and democrats, what does it mean for obama? is he -- is he weakened? is he, oh, how is he going to survive this? but i want you -- i want you to understand. this is not about me. this is not about me. this is about you. i know there are some folks who think, you know, if obama
" begins right now. >> this is america's number one financial news program. "the wall street journal report." now maria bartiromo. >> here's a look at what's making news as we head into a new week on wall street. president obama is proposing new regulations to restrict the size and activities of the nation's largest banks. the broad guidelines will require congressional support and putting a stricter limit on risk taking by banks. the changes would prohibit banks from owing or investing in hedge funds and would halt proprietary trading, which is trading that uses depositor money in trades by the bank for the bank's profit. strict new limits on the size of banks would also be enforced. the news sent bank stocks and most of the market tumbling on thursday to the biggest one-day drop since october. a second straight day of triple-digit losses. earlier in the week the market hit a 15-month high. the market fell again on friday. we are in the thick of earnings season, and there is a growing list of companies that beat expectations. ibm computed a big profit. starbucks brewed up strong numbers, s
. >> create more jobs. create more jobs. >> most of america who was hurt by this has not recovered. >> we've got like 1,000 people applying for one job. that's like $10 an hour. and how can you really even count on $10 an hour? >> a lot of companies that i applied to are now hiring where they weren't last year, not evenory the summer. >> everybody needs to work. without work you've got crime, and everything just gets worse. >> america wants a good story. and the good story is we had this terrible thing happen to us, and we bounced back. the reality it is going to take us longer than a year. >> no, we're not out of the woods. we're in deep crap. >> hopefully, the worst days are behind us. >> that's a lot of people with a lot of views, and everyone counts. i'm joe carter, and i'll see you on the streets. >>> "views from the street" one more way for you to voice your opinion on hln, and you can catch it here every day. >>> america's children grdealin with pretty adult problems. we'll show you a grownup health risk your children are facing. >>> cdc researchers say one out of five american chi
of places in the world including the middle east and asia and the idea of america being hated in my old age as it were compared to what it was when i was a youth i take almost personally. the berlin airlift is who we are, not the tortures. and i wanted to bring that story out to the extent i can reevaluate who we are, where we came from, what we do and what we don't do and i think that is what was tapped in the american of tom brokaw's america the greatest generation and he talks about considering it not the first battle of the cold war but the last battle, last year battle of world war ii. but so in the and if i represent the american people in my heart, these are the people i want to be. >> is a marvelous story and we've just scratched the surface tonight. but i think we have time for questions and what we would like to ask you to do is if you would come to the come is there a microphone on this site? , here and queue up as the british say. i'm sure richard would be happy to take your questions. >> [inaudible] as i was listening to the reading of the book i realized how much of a hero tru
america which was the left leaning talk radio network went off the air and filed for bankruptcy and said it couldn't keep in operations. i want your sense when you travel we have talked on this program about rush or bill or what conservatives are saying on the radio, is this a problem for the left in that the right just dominates. i was in a cab in new york city and the cab driver said he was a democrat and spends 14 hours a day in the car and only people he can listen to are people he disagrees with. does the left have a problem here? >> john, the truth is that this is another loss for americans who like to hear both sides and air america really provided some important coverage over the last couple of years and gave us a lot of great spokespeople and some of them are now on tv and one is in the united states senate. so it's a loss but i do believe that liberals and progressives will find other channels and other ways to get their information and of course the internet, that great tool that my ex-boss inspired the creation of will also give us something to shout about in the future. >> y
says he's osama bin laden and he's threatening the united states. >> america will never dream of living in peace. >> reporter: the arab network al-jazeera was the first to launch the tape. >> our attacks on you will continue. >> reporter: he also threatens president obama with more attacks on the u.s. if america continues to support israel. the obama administration is firing back. >> this is somebody that has to pop up in our lives over an audiotape because he's nothing but a cowardly murderess thug and terrorist. >> reporter: experts say it is similar to previous recordings by osama bin laden and that it does suggest another attack could occur within the next 12 months. >> we are going to continue to be on the offense against bin laden, against al-qaeda to protect the american people. >> reporter: in the minute long tape, bin laden also prays the would be christmas day bomber who admits to being trained by al-qaeda in yemen but terrorism experts say there is no evidence whatsoever that bin laden had anything to do with abdulmutallab's plot and the tape may be an attempt by bin laden to
himself has, denounced this decision in favor for, what they're saying is that corporate america, proi vit sector is the enemy. we don't like these people. and corporate america has share holders and employees and as justice scalia argued is part of the free market economy that has -- is the system we've gotten in. >> why are they going to get on the wrong side that have? >> this levels a decision and the playing field between corporations because before you had an exemption nrt law if you're a media company like news corp or "new york times" k nobody says we can't write editorials but if you're another corporation you didn't own a newspaper or radio station then, you're subject to limits. >> this is a very awkward thing this, is a situation where previous laws have said certain people can speak and certain people can't speak that. is what the supreme court really came out against yesterday. and there is a good point. idea here is that corporations are november illegal z as long as they're not illegal they should have same rights individuals have. that is what the supreme court established
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of your state. [applause] thank you. america's finest right in the heartland. every action we took in 2009 and every action we will take in 2010 is set against a backdrop of global forces that constrain our nation's economy. that is the nature of the complex world we live in. it will not determine missouri's destiny. we will. [applause] our most pressing economic challenges creating jobs, taking opportunities for growth, and balancing the budget. they are too important to be sidetracked by partisan bickering. that betrayed the trust of the people. we need to take a long view and be wise stewards of the blessings that make missouri so special. our families, our communities, and our god-given natural resources. in everything we do this year, we must put our differences aside and put missouri first. [applause] i am an optimist by nature and nothing i have seen this year has diminished my optimism. my vision of the future is colored by abiding faith in the people of missouri. i want the little girl who cracked the code of cancer to be a product of a missouri school. i want the boy who invents
america in the last few years. it's not that hard for a few slime bags in a national corporation to shift things around and allow chinese bankers to influence politicians who, say, support human rights in china and influence the u.s. treasury -- host: if i could have you both give a brief final comments. guest: with regard to the foreign and national problem that you keep running out, if congress wants to pass a laws to make it more difficult for creative accounting, and nothing prevents it from doing so. jamin talks about the wall of separation. the wall of separation is between government and free speech. that is what the american system is about. government does not decide who speaks when and how frequently. let me give a couple of examples. the supreme court noted that if it did not rule the way did whatyesterday, the aclu. the website telling the public to vote for president of candidate because the candidate event free-speech. the nra publishes a book or urging the public to vote for a challenger because the incumbent senator supports a handgun ban. these would be felonies had the s
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. but he's saying, don't worry, wall street and america, ben bernanke is going to be confirmed. it is going to be a tough year to try to get anything done because we can expect a partisan retrenchment on both sides of the aisle. >> i understand something funny happened. the president was called for jury duty this week? he had a number of excuses he could use. >> i'm reminded of the request 30 rock" episode where liz lemon showed up as princess liple lea the court trying to get out of jury duty. according to the "chicago sun times," he was on a list for jury duty in chicagoland. the white house tells thus morning the president already sent in notice he would be unable to serve. >> i think all he has to do is say, hey, got better things to do, thanks for asking. just like that. thank you very much, mike viqueira. >>> to watch david gregory's full interview with senate republican leader mish mcconnell as well as his exclusive with white house advisor valerie jarrett, "meet the press" reairs at 2:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc sunday. >>> officials in illinois are investigating a deadly plane crash t
books, fiction as well as non-fiction. he is to me and many americans america's greatest storyteller. he's been enormously successful, the winner of major awards for his books and his lifetime devotion to american history. i think we could spend the entire evening here all the time we have allotted just reviewing the numerous books and articles tom has written works on franklin, washington, jefferson, truman, fdr, american war, hamilton byrd will, the outstanding volume he produced to accompany a major 1997 pbs production liberty. of course the recent perils of peace which deals with the events after the surrender of the british at yorktown in 1781. a great personal memoir of your upbringing in jersey city which as you know is my home town as well so we have that in common. and so much more on the american revolution, the great leadership of george washington and his military struggles to achieve american independence and now the subject of tonight's conversation, the role of women in american history. we see this in fiction and nonfiction that you have produced over the years in the nov
at howard university and to see him move through the ranks and commit all this service to america is what i anticipated when i saw him as a freshman when i was in law school at howard and of course seen him graduate also from howard law school. so secretary west, tremendous job from the people of america. >> thank you, senator. you're a lifeline public-service. >> admiral, i appreciate your service as well. i just didn't attend school with you, so. i am really seeking to see how we cannot the major problem that do well are tasked to do. and i had other questions, but the hearing has just provoked some other thoughts. in mr. secretary, you mentioned the fact that when you take an oath of office in the military, i'm just wondering whether or not there's a different standard on the constitutional right that you have after you've taken the oath of office or if it's something -- something never been in the military and i just want to know whether or not a person who has taken enough, there are different standards that they are held to, for example, the free-speech article or the right to bear ar
. that is not the america i know. as i travel the country, i meet a lot of people who seek -- to feel the same way. for months, political rebellion has been growing, one born from the american people's opposition to greater government control over our economy and their lives. scott brown was propelled to victory in massachusetts. his victory in the bluest of blue states gives us new hope that common sense will prevail, that maybe now the hard work of the american people will no longer be stifled by washington democrats job killing an agenda, which we have fought tooth and nail against. we know that washington democrats will pull out all the stops to try to shove this government takeover of health care with medicare cuts and tax hikes. there is a sweetheart deal that needs to be cut, democrats can cut it. if there is a vote that needs to be bought, they will buy it. haven't we had enough of government propped up on the payoffs and pork barrel spending? haven't we had enough of the same old loss vs. them politics to distract us from these problems? we are all in this together. many positive solution
overnight sleep over in america. they have tony for the kids. matchbox car for johnny and off to bed for well-deserved night of rest. the paperwork isn't over. there is more to get through. but the davies say they're thankful the hardest part of getting them out is over. more to come on this. we have new video for that tomorrow, too. >> julie: a relief to hear the positive stories coming from haiti, though there are few. great to hear. thank you. for the latest news on haiti, go to where you find the latest headlines and information how you can make a difference, including list of reputable organization and charities. go to to learn more. waning support for congress for man in charge of the u.s. central bank and time is running out for his confirmation. what experts say could happen if he doesn't get needed votes. fox news is on the job hunt. how veterans are helping honor fellow service men and women next. >> mike: part of a major u.s. port closed after a collision between two ships prompt a big oil spill. the coast guard saying 450,000 ga
on the show sth. >> thanks. and thank you, america. coming up john edwards admits he's the father of riel le. hunter's daughter z why is the chinese government monitoring karaoke singers? saying only people who play "black eyed peas". and greg? >> thank you, andy. i'm stop and stand strong with the power of hercules, but you can scout my cameo ask i'll still have strength. if you try try to rip or get with the gab, you're oo thank god these are getting shorter. welcome our talent awesome gets. putting the fine in finance and when a hair cut. her staer can remove wrinkles from your clothes and jesse joyce funnier than a smurf on the horn of a unicorn. and there is my repulsive side kick, bill shultz. and regretting every moment he spends on this show, sitting next to me, mike huckabee. he hofts huckabee, named after him, which you can see here. huge ratings. he knows base lines like i know conga line. i dance to live. and he's just a creep who cries himself to sleep. it's our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you again, pinch. >> and scoring an exclusive interview with san francisco
saying the attack on christmas day was indeed the work of al qaeda. and that the message to america is the same as it was on september 11th. >> the message intended to be sent to you confirming an earlier message that the september 11th hero delivered to you and repeated before and after that event. and that is that the united states will not enjoy safety until we live it in reality in palestine. on the table osama bill says attacks will continue to be carried out by al qaeda on american soil. he equated the safety of the american people with that of the people who live in the gaza strip. >> translator: the united states will not dream of enjoying safety until we live it in reality in palestine. it is not fair tone joy that kind of life while our brothers in gaza live in the worst of miseries. therefore, god willing, our attacks will continue as long as you support the israelis. intelligence analysts here telling cnn they believe that this could be a sign that osama bin laden did not know about the failed bombing, the plot to bring down the jet from amsterdam to detroit until after
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